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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

[Progress Update] D4RK - First IPod/IPhone Theme.

Im working on the next version (1.5) of my first ipod theme D4RK.

I Will Be Releasing  1.5 This Weekend.

UI Color
UI Sounds
Battery Themed
Music Player Themed
Loading Screens (There are 6 At The Moment)
Facebook, Youtube, Ipod, Videos, Safari, Email

Heres some pics.

Media Player (No Art Cover)

Battery (Charging)

Pop Up Images

UI Color (Still In Progress)

Loading Screens (Still In Progress)

D4RK - First IPod/IPhone Theme.

Heres A Video Of The Recent Update.

D4RK IPhone/IPod Theme.
Update 1.2

I Have Added Auto Skinning App Store Icons.

Update 1.5 Coming Soon With.

Loading Screens (Ipod Load Screen Ect.)
Battery (Charging) Themed
UI Sounds
UI Color