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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


well i been done with this blog since forever it was something to do when i was bored. I have been a hard working man working my ass off making money. 

besides my personal life my gaming life has cut down. i do not game as much as i use to. i mean thats what happens when u have a job and life..

i did use to own a dayz server a couple years back and also a minecraft server, but those just died lost the interest of it.

i now have a gmod server, its a darkrp server i work on that when im not busy at life. its a pretty cool game mode on garrys mod. my server is pretty popular atm and happy about it. you can join our website at

if anybody wants you can follow me on twitter witch honestly i never use.. 

and subscribe to my youtube channel again witch i hardly use anymore to upload videos